Companies and organisations that invest in the development and growth of their brand ensure that their customers establish a relationship with them. Brand loyalty increases both the value and growth of a brand so understanding the audience is vital. Building brand value ensures that the brand is marketable and can benefit from long term growth.

Voxstra Brand Training can work in close partnership with other services that we offer including Product Training and Blended Learning. Elements that need to be addressed when looking at the development of a brand are:

  • Understanding what motivates the audience
  • Is the brand interesting and innovative
  • Can the brand be trusted
  • Is the brand consistently presented
  • What does the brand represent

At RBR Systems we take brand training seriously. We deliver custom training programmes that communicate the strengths and increase the awareness and characteristics of a brand. Components that should be in included in the eLearning process for brands are:

  • History
  • Values
  • Identity
  • Strategy
  • Insight

Market research gives a valuable insight in to the way that a brand is perceived. Voxstra offers companies and organisations the opportunity to conduct market research programmes that include Online Surveys to provide valuable data that is required for them to progress with the growth of their brand.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Brand Training or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at