RBR Systems Ltd  works in partnership with a wide range of business to business distribution companies that operate in a diverse mix of industries ranging from consumer electronics to pharmaceutical products. Distributors operate at an extremely fast pace so it is important that they are able to give their customers as much support as possible to ensure that product sales are made as there are always new products coming to market.

As distributors offer hundreds and sometimes thousands of products to customers across Europe and the world it is not cost effective for each customer to be visited to receive training on the latest products. Face to face training is not possible as timescale does not allow and there are too many locations with several languages.

Utilising online training modules, resources and message delivery allows distributors to instantly communicate with their customers on a national and international scale. Brand and product training can be communicated in several languages so there are no restrictions with boundaries/territories or timescales.

Online learning, brand and product training, online surveys and message delivery are all services that are offered by RBR Systems that are beneficial to distribution companies so they can assist their customers generate sales.

What we deliver can be made available as a white label service for distribution companies who are looking for a personalised training solution. If this is an area that is of interest to you then please make contact with us.