Don’t get lost in the crowd is what we believe in. Yahja delivers a safe, secure, cost effective, communication, marketing platform for companies including independent retailers, schools, community groups and associations.

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Before developing Yahja we completed a great deal of research regarding the relationship between local communities, independent retailers and organisations. From that we gained an understanding of how mobile devices can deliver footfall, increase revenue and keep people engaged. The majority of small businesses and organisations have very low budgets available for advertising and marketing and that is where Yahja comes in.

As part of the development for Yahja we took the time to understand ‘Digital’ and how it can drive footfall as we believe that taking control of your audience is the answer to increasing revenue. For any businesses to compete in a busy world it is essential that it is possible for them to have a cost effective solution for them to communicate what they are offering to both their existing and potential customers.

With more time spent on mobile devices than ever before it is vital that smartphones and tablets are utilised for consumers to receive information when it is convenient for them. This digital change is affecting the way that we all live including the way that we communicate and shop.

The shopping journey that most consumers are taking is started online with fifty per cent visiting a local business if it has had visibility on a mobile device. It is now more important for independent retailers, schools, community groups and associations to have as much online visibility as possible.

Smartphones and tablets are not a threat. Local businesses and organisations should not be waiting for their doors to open and need to understand how Yahja can simply control their digital traffic. The local businesses including independent retailers and organisations that connect will be the winners. Yahja: don’t get lost in the crowd.

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